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Marmot hunting (Marmota bobac), Varminting  in Altai region

Date - September


The hunting area is a high-lying plains (2,000 meters above sea) is located about 700 km southeast of Barnaul on the border to Mongolia.

Itinerary, general information and  provided services: 

In the preparation and during the hunting following official documentation is requested or issued: visa support - official confirmation of the visa application; an authorization (permit) for the border area; weapons import permit; shooting licenses; hunting license; Russian veterinary certificate; migration application; liability insurance to the realization of the tourism product (with the health and travel insurance or with the hunting success has nothing to do with this);

1st day - to Barnaul. Pick-up service from the airport upon arrival in Barnaul, help with customs and arms control, supervision / accompaniment of an interpreter during the whole stay in Russia, per group. Transfer to the hunting area. Move necessary purchases are made (beer and other personal belongings) according to the wish of the hunters. It is recommended about 100 - 150 euros per person to switch to rubles  because in Russia only the ruble is able to buy. In large stores are also credit cards accepted. Arrived in the hunting area  guests are accommodated, it is eaten and the necessary formalities are being completed (local application procedure, Instruction on compliance with the hunting and accident prevention regulations when handling firearms, mandatory test shots). It is quartered and placed during the stay in the area in tents. The kitchen in the area provides rich usual local dishes (except delicacies, beer and other alcoholic beverages must be purchased from hunter before the hunt itself). The competent staff will do their best to make the hunting guests stay  as comfortable as possible. However, one must be aware that it is placed under the most primitive conditions.

2 - 6 days - hunting. It is during the day driven or stalked through the region. The hunter must also be ready to stalk walk and leave everyday a few miles behind. During the hunt, Russian-terrain vehicles (UAZ) mostly used. Hunting is shooting at the foregone, far sitting bobac who watch very sharp, so that the shooting distances are quite far, usual 200-250 meters and above. It is therefore recommended a rifle scope. Per day, you can shoot up to 10 bobacs. 

Day 7 - the day of departure. In the morning some paperwork to be done: filling the hunting protocol, possibly final settlement. After breakfast departure is to Barnaul. In the evening at Barnaul. Overnight stay.

Day 8 - From Barnaul. Return service to the airport on departure, assistance in customs and arms control.

Special Offer - bobac hunt 


Provided services and additional costs 

Price in EUR

Service: 8 days travel from / to Barnaul, including 5 hunting days including all bobac shooting, per hunter.  

with 2 hunters in the group


at 3 hunters in the group


at 4 - 6 hunters in the group


Service from / to Barnaul for non-hunting companion


Additional day


Accommodation and meals in Barnaul

de facto

Possibly shipping costs of trophies