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Kirov region is about 1.000 km to the north-east of Moscow


Travel dates, e.g. collection dates:

From 29 April (to Moscow) to 6 May (from Moscow). Airport Domodedovo

From 3 May (to Moscow) to 10 May (from Moscow)

Other dates in the window  from April 25 to May 11 are also possible

Price, per hunter                                                      Euro 1,300.0

Costs non-hunting companion                                 Euro   850.0


Services and shootings included in the price:

8 travel days from / to Moscow, of which up to 5 morning stalks possible.

• Meeting in the airport of Moscow, assistance during customs and gun control;

• Supervision by an interpreter during the entire stay in Russia;

• Transfer in Moscow on arrival and departure (airport - station - airport);

• Moscow - Kirov train travel by Trans-Siberian railway (travel duration is about 13-14 hours) in a second class carriage (4-bed compartment: 2 seats at the bottom and 2 against each other at the top). For an extra charge of Euro 250,0 one can drive with the first class: only 2 seats against each other below. If the train does not have enough 1st class compartments, the second class (but for 2 persons!) can be booked as an alternative to the first class.

• Transfer from the destination station Kirov by car to hunting area;

• Accommodation during the stay in the area (usually simple hunting house without comfort), Russian steam bath;

• Catering during the stay in the area except delicacies, beers and other alcoholic beverages. It is recommended to take some provisions for the train travel or to get it just before the train departure. In most of the trains, there is also a dining carriage;

• Necessary transport during hunting;

• Hunting organization with the hunting guide 1 : 1. Capercaillie in the lekking in the night, black grouse on the lek from a tent in the morning, woodcock in courtship flight in the evening;

• Shooting of 1 capercaillie and 1 black grouse, woodcocks are unlimited. Chance of success to shoot a capercaillie and a black grouse, is about 100%;

• Processing fee and official documentation: official confirmation of application for visa application, local registration procedure including government fees, gun import license, shooting licenses, hunting certificate, veterinary certificates (Russian for export and European for import into the EU), liability insurance for the realization of the tourist product (with the health or travel insurance, or the huntsman's success has nothing to do with it);

If there is time, a short sight-seeing in Moscow: Red Square, Kremlin (tickets for the Kremlin extra), Moscow University on the Sparrow hills.




• Method of payment of the services: as non-refundable booking fee Euro 300.0 per transfer plus Euro 1.000.0 in cash on arrival;

• Extra charge for 1st class rail travel and all extra charges and incidentals must be paid on the spot;

Euro 100.0 - lending weapon, a shotgun including ammunition;

• At the departure from the hunting area at the request of the hunting guest, no refund will be given;

Euro 300 - trophy fee for second capercaillie;

Euro 200 - trophy fee for second black grouse;

• Wounded cock (characters, either / or: down traps, spring, droplets of blood (which are hard to find), unusual departure of the bird), as well as twice missed shots or shot refusals on capercaillie or black grouse on the shot distance at which sufficient light intensity and in a good, quiet position or renunciation of the hunt, it is important that the cock is shot;

• When non-taking through the fault of the hunt organizer for the capercaillie is Euro 200.0 and for the black grouse EUR 100.0 refunded;

• According to the EU regulation, only the treated game trophies of feathered game can be imported into the EU from third countries; the game trophies must be skinned after they have been shot and salted at least 14 days before removal, so that they are sent to the hunters or to european expeditor after the hunt. The resulting costs for skinning, processing and shipping are charged per bird and are as follows:

1 capercaillie    - Euro 120.0

1 black grouse  - Euro   70.0

1 woodcock      - Euro   50.0

Payments for the trophy treatment and shipping shall be made after hunting according to the number of birds recorded in the hunting protocol.


• Contract work for the taxidermy of the birds, including shipping costs of the preparations in a plywood box (on request):

Euro 250.0 capercaillie courting on natural root

Euro 150.0 capercaillie on the medallion

Euro 150.0 black grouse courting

Euro 100.0 on the medallion

Euro 90,0 woodcock in flight

Euro 75,0 woodcock still life

• Alcoholic beverages, tips, import duties, unforeseen costs - de facto


For further questions please contact us by

e-mail: makaru07@mail.ru