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Kirov region is about 1.000 km to the north-east of Moscow

Hunting season: from late November to February

Hunting schedule:

1 day - meeting in the airport of Moscow, assistance during customs and gun control, supervision / assistance of an interpreter during the whole stay in Russia, per group. If there is time, a short sight-seeing in Moscow: Red Square, Kremlin (tickets for the Kremlin extra), Moscow University on the Sparrow hills. Transfer to the train station. Train travel by Trans-Siberian railway from Moscow to Kirov or to Kotelnich (which is a railway station about 120 km before the city Kirov). Travel duration is about 13 hours.

2 day - meeting in Kirov or Kotelnich (depending on the hunting ground). Transfer by car to the hunting area. Accommodation and meals in a hunting area.

3 - 8 days - hunting. Organization of hunting – stalking on foot, mild driving, with dogs. Chance of successful hunting is about 70%. Guiding during hunting 1:1

9-10 days - departure to Kirov or Kotelnich. Train travel to Moscow. Bringing service to the airport, during departure assistance with customs and arms control.

Service price:

Euro 2,550.0 per hunter - 10 - day arrangement, including 6-7 hunting days, incl. all services from / to Moscow airport and train 2nd class carriage

Euro 1,500.0 - cost of non-hunting companion (observer)

TROPHY FEES ¡¡Wounding equals with shooting!!:

EURO 1,750.0 – shooting of 1 lynx, inclusive field preparation of the trophy

EURO 1,150.0 – shooting of 1 wolf, inclusive field preparation of the trophy



250.0 – extra charge for the train journey in a sleeper 1st class carriage (2-bed compartment) with the Trans-Siberian railway (round trip), P.P.

150.0 – lend weapon for all hunting days (ammunition extra de facto);

150.0Fur tanning (on request)

• 200.0 per paper - CITES certificate for export of lynx or wolf trophy, which is applied for only after the hunt. The trophy will sent after the departure of the hunter, therefore the shipping costs will still be charged;

up to 250.0 - shipping costs for the trophy;

up to 500.0 - contract work for the preparation of the skin (on request). Head carpet with replacement skull

de facto - alcoholic drinks, tips, import duties, unforeseen costs


For further questions please contact us by e-mail: makaru07@mail.ru