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Brown Bear Hunting in Russia

Without a doubt, a Russian brown bear hunt is the best in the world. The population of brown bears in Russia has been stable for years. According to estimates, it’s population may above 170,000, which is more than any other country. The Russian brown bear habitat runs uninterrupted from the Finnish border to the Pacific Ocean for 10000 km. (6000 mi.). The Pacific coast and the European parts of the country have the largest density of bear population.

We offer the bear hunts in three destinations: European part of Russia, Central and Southern Siberia, and the Pacific coast.

Eurasian Brown Bear in Kirov region. Spring season at a baits places is offered from April 20-25 until May 10-15. Majority of Eurasian Brown bear hunts are conducted from high stands over bait. Early fall hunts are done from stands along oat and barley fields. The season usually starts on August 15 and ends around October 30. The average trophy is 1,7 - 1,8 m, up to 2 m and more is possible.

The Siberian Brown Bear is a large representative of the species. Both Spring and Fall hunts are offered. Spring hunts usually involve stalking and glassing over the hillsides or at a bait place. In the Fall, bears are hunted by “Spot and Take”.

Far Eastern Brown bear of Kamchatka peninsula and the Pacific Coast of the Russian Far East produce the largest bears in Russia, or perhaps in the world. These salmon-eating bears rival in size, and in density of population the bears of Alaska and the Kodiak Island. However, the prices of these Russian hunts are usually lower than those in Alaska. Kamchatka has become the number one destination for bear hunters in Russia.

Due to high density of the bears, hunters traveling to the Russian Far East or to the European regions of Russia frequently have an opportunity to take a second trophy.

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